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Cosmetology Schools in Arizona (AZ)

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Cosmetology Schools in North Carolina (NC)

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Attending Top Beauty Schools in New York

When it comes time to plan where you want to enroll in beauty school, consider New York. After all, many consider New York to be the beauty and fashion capital of the country, so attending a top beauty school in New York and working in the state could prove to be very successful for you. On top of the endless possibilities that New York presents you with, imagine how exciting it would be to live and work in The Big Apple!

As with every state, New York has requirements when it comes to what you need to accomplish while in beauty school. For starters, if you want to become licensed in barbering, cosmetology, esthetics, nails or waxing in New York, you must complete the following:

1,000 hours of cosmetology training
600 hours of esthetician training
250 hours of nail technician training
300 hours of natural hairstyling training and,
75 hours of waxing training

On top of the required training, in order to even start, you must be at least 17 years old. Once you complete your beauty school training, you must pass the New York State written and practical exams in order to become licensed to work in New York.

New York also requires some additional information for you to obtain your license after beauty school. You must go through a physical examination and fill out the Child Support Statement section of the licensure application, whether you have children or child support obligations or not.

Though New York has quite a few requirements, it’s worth it in the end to attend beauty school in New York and obtain a license to work there. There are various beauty schools in New York; the Greater Niagara region, the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks, all of which are prominent areas of New York and a great place to look into cosmetology school in NY and work.

New York Beauty Schools

If you’re not from New York, have already attended beauty school in New York or somewhere else and are interested in taking your beautification skills to New York, you’ll need to be updated on their reciprocity rules first. On top of having proof of licensure from the state you attended beauty school, you will need an application along with the $20 fee and two separate documents from two separate people that can attest to the fact that you have worked as a cosmetologist for a specific number of years. New York’s reciprocity with other states varies, so you’ll want to see what they require from the state you attended beauty school and are currently licensed in.

If you haven’t attended one of the best beauty schools in New York and want to go to New York to do so, there a few great cities to look into for your beauty school education. The Greater Niagara region is known for its beauty in all areas—the area as a whole, and the people who live and visit there. The area in general is that of a relaxing nature, so it’d be great to both attend beauty school there, and to provide that relaxation and beautification to its inhabitants and visitors.

Another great area of New York to consider for beauty school is the Finger Lakes. The Finger Lakes is an upscale area in New York, and there are plenty of beauty schools in and around the Finger Lakes to attend. Not only is it a great place to attend beauty school in NY, but working there would be just as rewarding, as it has plenty of spas to reflect the relaxing, upscale environment. This provides great opportunities for someone looking to get into the beauty industry in the Finger Lakes.

Lastly, consider looking into beauty schools in the Adirondack area. Much like the Niagara region and Finger Lakes, the atmosphere in the Adirondacks is beautiful and relaxing, which will make it a great place to study as well as work.

The best part about all three of these areas in New York is that they are big tourist areas, which means the opportunity to attract clients looking to pamper themselves on vacations.

Find a school near you

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Best Cosmetology Schools in Arizona (AZ)

Best Cosmetology Schools in Florida (FL)

Best Cosmetology Schools in California (CA)

Best Cosmetology Schools in North Carolina (NC)

Best Cosmetology Shools in Georgia (GA)

Best Cosmetology Schools in Illinois (IL)

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