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Cosmetology Schools in New York (NYC)

Cosmetology Schools in Texas (TX)

Cosmetology Schools in Arizona (AZ)

Cosmetology Schools in Florida (FL)

Cosmetology Schools in Califorinia (CA)

Cosmetology Schools in North Carolina (NC)

Cosmetology Shools in Georgia (GA)

Cosmetology Schools in Illinois (IL)

Cosmetology Schools in America (USA)

What Kind of Job Can I Get After Beauty School?

Regardless of the recession the nation is facing, there is no shortage of careers for a beauty school graduate. Beauticians in many related fields are in high demand, and the potential salary for each of these professionals continues to grow.

So, what kind of jobs can you expect to get after graduating from beauty school?

The list is essentially endless. After you’ve graduated from beauty school and begin to look for a job, keep in mind the many possibilities that aren’t directly related to a salon.

First, with your beauty school education, you can expect to be hired for a job as a:

 ·        Hair stylist

·        Cosmetologist

·        Hair color specialist

·        Esthetician

·        Manicurist and,

·        Salon owner

This is just a small listing of the jobs you probably already knew about. But did you know that with your beauty school education, you’re also eligible to become any of the following:

·        Beauty school instructor or owner

·        Beauty product designer

·        Beauty magazine editor

·        Make-up artist

·        Salon sales consultant

·        Research chemist

·        Salon computer expert

·        Beauty distributor’s sale representative and,

·        Movie and photo stylist

Did you ever imagine that you could be a stylist on a movie set? Have you ever thought about being a runway hair-stylist for the biggest supermodels? All of these careers are possible when you attend beauty school. A lot of careers you never imagined are in your reach. These two short lists of possible career options are only the beginning. Many more opportunities await you upon graduating from beauty school.

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